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An Urgent Appeal from the Trustees of DEVRA

The pandemic situation in Nepal is likely to get much worse with the government  lock-down causing widespread hunger.
There are 150 families living in communities supported by DEVRA who no longer have paid work. They are the lowest caste blacksmiths and other day-labourers. They only have a few days food left.
Our partner organisation in Nepal, STEPS Foundation Nepal run by Beni Ghale, has visited these families to assess the situation, they are ready to buy and distribute food and have produced protective clothing to enable them to do so. They are supported in this by Mountain People Nepal & Mountain People Norway
We need to raise money fast. Prices are going up, and the situation is deteriorating, yet just £35 will help a family get through the next 2 weeks. 
Please, please donate as much as you can to help the families in the STEPS district get through this.
Thank you.           


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Widow with 3 children live in small kitc
Beni in new designed Virus Dress.JPG
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