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Nepal Earthquake
Emergency Appeal

An urgent request from D.E.V.R.A Trustees


D.E.V.R.A  (Development, Evaluation Research & Advice) has been working with people in Nepal for many years. Following the tragic earthquake we have been in contact with Mountain People (, a long established NGO that works to combat poverty and exclusion in Nepal, and HEED (, an orgnaisation that DEVRA has worked with for many years to develop the Chalish village school.  


The major relief organisations carry out excellent immediate post disaster relief work, but medium and smaller organisations are better able to work with the many communities outside Kathmandu where they have local contacts and knowledge.


So far Mountain People has raised £20000.  


But funds will be needed for a considerable time to come.



D.E.V.R.A will be gathering and sending donations from the UK directly to Nepal where there is a great risk of funds being lost currently as the banks are in chaos.


David Durkan, Director of Mountain People, informs us that the environmental situation is still precarious, banks are closed, and small amounts of money arriving are at great of risk of being lost.   


D.E.V.R.A can receive donations in one place, making donations more secure and ensuring the money gets to smaller, more remote communities. 




We have received the message below from Beni, our friend and working partner in Nepal:


29 April 2015 10:18:43 GMT+01:00

Dear All

Thank you so much for your is really a very bad situation In Nepal now.many people lose life and family but i am lucky my family are alive. we are staying out of the city where there is no big big building in the open place with lots of people . the problem is no drinking water,food and place. i just came to thamel to see how is my rooms its all crack down no possible to stay now. i heard news from  my village all house are collapse, all Animals are dead and started to stinking now needed medical support and food ,blanket and something like tent for to stay.till today just one helicopter went and pick up 5 serious people in last Sunday after that no one can go there due to communication, still today  don't know how many people are dead and got injurious. feeling very sad ,bad and mind still in fear. we  have sent 10 man  just today from Kathmandu to village to have help people and get information.on Monday Beni handicrafts and Steps foundation Nepal with some of the my family going by helicopter to with some foods ,medicine and mask,gloves etc to help to berried dead animals and help injures.please help us to continues help to the people.

thanking you all


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